We are two worldtraveller and one woman of this world.


We travel through so many countries and get so many unbelievable support and help, that there would be no space and time to tell you all our feelings and emotions.


We realize that there is much more than think on ourself and support only our luxerious life.


Where is the end of all our luxus?


We believe in sharing moments and feelings whatever it takes, whatever it costs.


We travel in this world and we have the possibilty to do whatever we want to.


We are healthy and we are able to dream our life as we want.


We are born in Germany. We are born in Europe.


Our parents support us whereever we go, whatever we need.


We got well educated, we also study and so we are smart to do something to help each other.


We have friends, who help us to be a part of this world.



We enjoy every day and we found our way



We are able to Colour The World...