As we realize that there is no better world, when we have more money, this was the time where we create this idea.


This was long time ago and now this is the result of our thoughts and ideas.


We are happy with this what we can do, with this what we have.



Parents who love us - Friends who respect us



With our pictures we took so far, we want to collect money to help people, who need it more than we do.

This is possible with money itself to support to build up a part of a school for example in Nepal or to pay the salary of these teacher.


But this is not the only way to support this world.


We also want to help the people of Colour The World with new projects or events with tools or toys to get a better chance to growing up in a good way.


This is the beginning, this is a start to do something, what we want to do and what we think is the right way to help at the right place.


All the money we get of selling our travelpictures, all the help you offer us will create a colourful world, that is not build up by selfish reasons.



Thank You for your help!

Colour The World