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Story behind our pictures


We are not professional photographer, but we have open eyes were we are able to capture wonderful perspectives and moments.


We want to become better and we have a high responsibility to ourself, to offer you more and better pictures, to let this project grow and grow.


We believe in beauty itself and when you are able to understand the perspective behind your lens, you are able to take a great picture with a fantastic impression.


This is also the reason, why you will find more pictures of people instead of pictures from the other categories. We are strong connected to the people or to a single person and there pure beauty. 


We take a picture of a single moment, of a short situation in this life, but it will stay in our heart, in our soul, forever. When I see a picture from long time ago, I have emotions and feelings what is strong connected to this picture and after I saw this picture, my brain starts to work. It is able to refresh the situation of this single time in my life. When I see a picture of a face, I automatically start to smile. This is the reason, why I love to take a picture from faces because it will tell you love and pure beauty.


The world is not every where the same, because in Asia, South or Middle America or Africa it is much more easier to get a picture of a face. Actually when I take a picture in this countries, I have stronger emotions, stronger connections, stronger impulse and less inhibition.


Why is it like this?


The reason is very easy. This countries or part of those, are not influenced by commerce and unimportant things, what covers our character and our mind. In highly developed countries it is much more harder to become a good picture of a face what is not posed. The reaction and the fear rised up very high in the last years and this is the reason, why I´am also blocked to take a picture. The pure beauty is covered by fear.


This fear you will not find in those countries were I´am able to be free and clear in my mind. Were I´am happy and smile, after I see a great result.


This result, you will find in my pictures is pure magic and you will see that I love to take a picture. This is totally without any knowledge about how to use a camera. The reason is, because I love the person behind this lens. As I understood that this is the magic, that you have to be magical. After that I realize that this is the pure beauty of a picture. You have to be able to see and feel this moments. You have to be free in your mind without fear and inhibition. With this free soul you are also be able to take a great picture with a full automatically mode. The most important thing is that you have to feel the situation and the moments.


I also improve myself, that when I understand the function of a camera I´m able to get better results. I would say that 80% of a picture is dependent of the skills to see and to feel the picture. We hope you will like our impressions in form of pictures.


Enjoy our World of Pictures