Here you will find what will happen with your money,


How much we are able to spend,


In what we will spend the money, you spend to this world.


We will give you a exactly schedule of all the money what we get and how we will use it. For a short overview, have a look to our Latest News


Maybe you run a project and you need also support. Let us know and we will figure out, how we can help you.


Our goal is not, to give simply the money away, we need trust and we only want to support NGO´s (Non-Profit-Organizations) or support them who have exactly details, why you need our help.



Project 1


Phujel School in Nepal


This school is located in Gorkha/Nepal and get already great support by our danish friends Nina and Jacob Lund.


We want to support them in there Year Plan 2012






This is the first step and we will update this page with more projects and ideas to help at the right place.


This is only possible with your help and your support!



Thanks again


Colour The World